Never Stop Reinventing Yourself
Welcome to 2022, and to the new website, the newest iteration of my personal blog and site. In the last five years, I have redone my web presence at least three times, yet here I am, doing it again. And I'm excited about it! 

This year marks the start of an ambitious 5-year plan which I hope will set up my professional and financial future. Preparing for those projects has had a profound impact on me as a person, on my habits and outlook, changes that I look forward to carrying on and growing over the next few years. Although redoing my personal web presence wasn't included in my initial list of goals, once I realized how much the preparation for my plan was changing me as a person, it became obvious that an update was in order. Finally being able to get my name as a domain was the proverbial cherry on top. 

I briefly considered if a site redesign was all I needed, but given the paradigm shift in how I've been doing business and creative endeavors to what the new plan calls for, a total rebranding seemed to be in order. Previous redesigns addressed only the look of the site, how I organized things, or which channels I used for different projects, but in the end, it was all essentially me wearing different clothes. The way I have structured things going forward, there are clear distinctions that need to be kept. 

This site is my personal home on the web, and while it links to all my other projects, this is the place for my personal quirks, likes, dislikes, and peculiarities. This is my place to talk about games, and books, and movies, and life as a parent, etc. This is where Daniel can be unapologetically Daniel. Of course, there will be links to projects I work on, whether through my own business or not, but they are included as part of my body of work, as part of the picture that is me.

As I've said, I've rebranded a few times over the last handful of years, so I feared that this could be one rebrand too many, but the truth is that I am always reinventing myself, we all are. In the last nine years, I've gone from being a single guy to being a husband and father of two, from living in one city for 18 years to living in four different states. Over the last two years alone, the pandemic and related consequences have forced changes I never intended or foresaw in 2019. Making plans for a more stable future for my family and I kicked off a domino effect in my personality and worldview that I didn't see coming but gladly welcomed. We are always changing, it's a reality of life, and I am so thankful for it.

This site is a reflection of me, and just as I'm always reinventing myself, so I am reinventing this site. And as much as I'm looking forward to this being a redesign that lasts for a while (because rebranding a whole site is a lot of work, let's be honest), this site will continue to evolve because I will never stop reinventing myself. And neither should you. 

Welcome to the new Welcome to the new me.

Photo by Daniel M. Perez.